What about the first “Big Three”?

The Miami Heat have the most talented and youngest trio in the NBA. But I say youngest and most talented because there is a team with a formidable trio that has now been shoved out of the spotlight. In 2007, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen left their teams to join Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics. The trio connected very quickly and won the NBA championship that season. A team having 3 superstars was unheard of- until Pierce, Allen, and Garnett came along. Even though they only have won 1 championship since they joined together to become teammates, the moves were a huge success. This offseason, there was a lot of anticipation on where coveted free agent LeBron James would call home. On “The Decision”, LeBron announced his desire to go to Miami, who had shortly before signed free agent and former Toronto power foward/center Chris Bosh and resigned Dwyane Wade. As soon as James announced his decision, many people wondered how well the three superstars would work together as a team. All three of them were superstars on their old teams. The Heat got off to a bad start, but have now won 5 straight and are starting to roll. Meanwhile, the Boston Big Three are showing that age doesn’t matter, going 17-4 and are on a 8 game win streak. Rajon Rondo is becoming a superstar very quickly, and Shaquille O’Neal has proved to be a good pickup, as the revitalized superstar is averaging 11 points and about 7 rebounds per game.

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