Pinstripe bowl: Dumb?

This year, the New Era Pinstripe Bowl was announced, which is a college football bowl game on December 30th at Yankee Stadium between Kansas State and Syracuse (great game, huh?) representing the Big 12 and Big East, respectively. The way the selection is done is the 4th place team in the Big East and the 7th place team in the Big 12 play. If the Big 12 doesn’t have enough bowl-eligible teams in any year, Notre Dame will get an automatic invitation. However, this year, that is not the case. The field at Yankee Stadium is fine, as Notre Dame played Army at Yankee Stadium in November. Many analysts and college football fans have been scoffing at the amount of bowl games there are now. With the addition of the Pinstripe Bowl, there are now an astounding 35 bowls in total. The doubters think that that amount is WAY too much. I agree. What are we going to do about it? Nothing, really, not for 4 years, which is how long the Pinstripe Bowl is under contract for. I’m going to watch the game, but I’ll probably end up watching a different game instead.

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