MVP? It’s Brady in a close one.

At the beginning of the 2010 NFL season, the MVP was a tough award to predict. Michael Vick was a backup for Kevin Kolb, but when Kolb got injured, Vick took over, posting numbers and showing quickness from his glory days in Atlanta before his prison sentence. Tom Brady was already one of the favorites for MVP and his Patriots were going to be competitive as always in the tough AFC East. The only question about New England was whether or not they would beat the New York Jets in their division. Brady has had arguably his greatest season of an already Hall of Fame worthy career. After Week 13, Brady has recorded a 109.5 passer rating, and if he keeps up that statistic, it would be the best of his career. His miniscule amount of interceptions, 4, would be 2 times lower than his next lowest, during 2007, when Brady and the Patriots had their “Imperfect Season”, going 16-0 and winning every game until the Super Bowl, when they were upended by the underdog New York Giants. Vick missed 3 games with a rib injury, but got back on track and led the Eagles to a 34-24 Week 13 win over the Houston Texans, throwing for 302 yards and rushing for 48 more. Brady played the Jets on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, absolutely bulldozing the Jets secondary, throwing for  326 yards and a 148.9 passer rating in the 45-3 rout of New York. Let’s compare the stats.*

*= Through Week 13

Category: TDs throwing

Brady: 27

Vick: 15

Advantage: Brady

Why: Although Vick has played less games than Brady, his passing still isn’t at Brady’s level.

Category: Rushing TDs

Brady: 1

Vick: 6

Advantage: Vick

Why: It’s simple: Brady is a passing QB, while Vick is the dual threat.

Category: Passing Yards

Brady: 3,029

Vick: 2,243

Advantage: Brady

Why: Like I said above, Brady’s a passing QB.

Category: Rushing Yards

Brady: 17

Vick: 467

Advantage: Vick

Why: He’s the younger and the quicker of the two. Relies on his legs more than Brady does.

Category: Passer Rating

Brady: 109.5

Vick: 105.7

Advantage: Brady

Why: Just look: Brady’s played more games AND has a better Passer Rating.

Category: Teams

Philadelphia: 8-4: First place in NFC East

New England: 10-2: First place in AFC East

Advantage: Brady

Why: Brady plays in a harder division. The Jets are contenders as well.

Bottom Line:

Brady is The News of Sports’ pick for NFL MVP. Playing in a harder division, Brady has posted the better numbers overall.

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