Tiger Woods beaten in playoff; McDowell wins

Coming into Sunday, Tiger Woods looked like he would win his first tournament in what turned out to be a lost year. It was not to be. With a 4 stroke lead coming into the final round of play at the Chevron World Challenge, it appeared Woods would win his own tournament. Though, as it has been this whole year, the end result was a disappointment. Only 2 years ago, Tiger with a lead was basically saying the tournament was over. Woods was quite possibly, the most dominant player the sport had ever seen. Then, it all went backward, as the secrets of his personal life got leaked out and destroyed his image and his family. After, Tiger didn’t look like vintage Tiger, missing putts he usually made, and getting more and more frustrated by the minute. Sunday, Woods seemed pretty happy with the effort, even though he lost. He felt it was a step in the right direction, which was very true after the struggles he has had. Woods was beaten on the first hole of the playoff, as Graeme McDowell, of Northern Ireland sunk a long putt and capped off his best year as a professional. McDowell also won the U.S. Open this year.

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