The Wrong “Decision”?

LeBron James made his highly anticipated announcement of who the coveted free agent small foward was going to play for on an ESPN show called “The Decision”. On July 8th, 2010, James decided (no pun intended) to join Dwyane Wade and the newly signed Chris Bosh and join the Miami Heat, abandoning his home state and adoring fans in Cleveland, writing yet another chapter in the citie’s tortured sports history. James received a lot of flak for his decision, and the criticism only increased when the Heat started off slow, as on November 28th, Miami was a measly 9-8, only one game above .500. Not to mention “The Bump”, as it was nicknamed, when James bumped into the head coach Eric Spoelstra, and the clip was shown numerous times on SportsCenter and other sports shows. Analysts tried to determine whether or not this was unintentional or not. This controversy led to more speculation, this time whether or not Spoelstra would keep his job, as the “Big Three” repeatedly looked lost and frustrated with each other. As expected, James, Wade, and Bosh all are having reduced stats, but that was a result of not being the key player on the team. The threesome had a meeting soon afterward with Spoelstra, and have gone on a 4 game winning streak, perhaps helping Spoelstra’s case as head coach, rebounding to 13-8, good for 3rd place in the Eastern Conference. James is locked up for another 6 years, so he’ll have time to think about his decision. Was it the right one? Or was he better off in Cleveland?

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