The Winter Classic Returns

The Winter classic returns this year, as two of the biggest stars in the NHL face off. Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin and Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby play at the annual Winter Classic on January 1st, 2011 in Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Heinz Field is the home of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, and the NHL continued the yearly tradition of hosting a regular season game in another stadium not typically used for hockey. The last two years have featured the games played at Fenway Park, in 2010, and Wrigley Field, in 2009. This game is widely considered one of the most anticipated and interesting regular season games of the year. This year, the NHL added the Heritage Classic, a Canadian version of the Winter Classic. The Heritage Classic was first played in 2003, but was discontinued until now. The game, between the Montréal Canadiens and the host Calgary Flames, will be played on February 20th, 2011. It will be hosted at McMahon Stadium, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The venue is used by the Canadian Football League Calgary Stampeders.



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7 Responses to The Winter Classic Returns

  1. Mr Browning says:

    I suppose that I am a traditionalist, but there is only one game that could rightfully be termed the classic and that would be a meeting between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. I am a Canucks fan but one must respect tradition.

    • Fair enough. Lots of people consider the Winter Classic a gimmick. I agree; Hockey is a game of tradition, with the original six. Maybe before the season or something the Canadian teams could have a tournament or something. That would be cool, but then again, that might just he a gimmick.

    • Thanks for reading my blog. Do you have any suggestions on ideas for articles? I am completely open to any and all ideas. Thanks.

  2. Mr Browning says:

    The results thus far of your hockey poll seem to reflect your international readership. My objection to the NHL regular season is the commercialization of the game. A game of hockey now is almost as bad as the NFL for one commercial after the other. The international game may plaster ads all over rinks and uniforms but at least it does not use every face off as an excuse to break for a commercial.

    • Very good point. The NHL seems to find every last second of time before faceoffs to have commercials. I guess they’re trying to promote the NHL more, but I like the Olympic format so much better than the NHL regular season because it is PURE hockey. No fighting, and it is seems that it is so much more exciting to watch, like the US-Canada game. That was probably the best hockey game I have ever seen. I’m not saying that the NHL needs to eliminate fighting, but it needs to have a limit and not have half the game with commercials and blood and injuries.

  3. Mr Browning says:

    I was in Vancouver at the beginning of the Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the final. My daughter who is not a hockey fan described the euphoria of the crowds in the streets after Crosby had sealed the victory. For Canada that beat even the Stanley Cup.

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