Derek Jeter signing: Finally!

Derek Jeter signing: Finally!

Finally, Derek Jeter signed with the New York Yankees, as he was expected to do once the 2010 Major League Baseball season ended. The unexpected, though, was how long it took. Here are 2 reasons why.

1. Money

Plain and simple, almost no athlete is happy to take a pay cut. Lets face it. Jeter is the proud, Yankee captain, and probably isn’t too excited to get humiliated with an “old man contract”. The Yankees weren’t willing to pay the guy as much as Jeter wanted after a career worst season and is probable to get worse.

2. The name before “Steinbrenner”

George was an owner who would do anything for his star players, as long as they performed up to expectations. Now he’s gone, and his two sons have taken control of the team, changing the attitude to “You’ve done nothing for us” and not “You’ve helped me so much. Here’s a reward”.

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